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What Is Professional Commercial Cleaning?

The terms ‘commercial cleaning’ and ‘commercial cleaner’ refer to a company or person who provides thorough cleaning services to all commercial businesses. These include (but are not limited to) hotels, pubs, restaurants, bars, retail outlets, shopping centres, leisure centres, offices, nursing homes, schools and universities. So what does a professional commercial cleaner do from day-to-day? That’s what we’re going to explore! 

Why is it important to regularly clean a commercial property?

Professional cleaning is important for a number of reasons including: giving off the right first impressions, elevated name/brand, happy employees/customers, healthy and sanitary space for employees and customers.

How frequently should a commercial property be cleaned?

This all depends on the objects that need to be cleaned, for example, windows needn’t be cleaned every day but toilets should be. Windows should be cleaned every month or every other month to keep them up to a good standard but toilets have direct human contact and will have an impact on health, so it’s vital for them to be disinfected and wiped down on a regular basis. 

Commercial cleaning frequency


  • Rubbish bins – in an office, restaurant, hotel, it’s a must that bins are taken out daily. This prevents flies, bad smells and improves the overall look and feel of the commercial property.

  • Sanitise toilets and refill toilet rolls – guests will judge the overall cleanliness of a place by the state of the bathroom. This is particularly important for hospitals, hotels and AirBnBs, especially where health is concerned and where reviews can be so easily left. Hygiene is seen as a basic essential and so, one bad review about hygiene could be detrimental.

  • Clean kitchen area – practicing good hygiene shouldn’t just stop at the bathroom, it should extend through to office kitchens and restaurant kitchens too. A thorough clean of the kitchen every day will ensure a long lasting kitchen, healthier employees and customers, and reduce the chances of enticing health hazardous pests. 


  • Floors – it’s important to sweep, vacuum and mop – if there’s wooden flooring. For safety reasons it’s imperative to remove debris and food particles, this will keep trip hazards at bay and maintain a clean and tidy first impression. You may wish to pay particular attention to areas where footfall is high, to ensure the carpets and flooring aren’t damaged or worn.

  • Dusting – a dusty place can cause irritation to visitors and employees, so it’s important to dust regularly to prevent allergies from flaring up. A dusty place can look uncared for and unkempt, so paying attention to detail could be the make or break of your overall appearance.   

Monthly or alternate months 

  • Fridges and microwaves – when used regularly fridges and microwaves can end up messy and smelly. A little bit of TLC every month or every other month will lessen a much bigger job down the line. To ensure optimal hygiene throughout the workspace, hotel rooms or AirBnB, it’s important to thoroughly disinfect these areas. Although it might be a laborious task for you, it’s simple for commercial cleaners who have the right equipment to tackle these laborious tasks. 

Benefits of commercial cleaning:

  • Time – running a business is more than enough to keep you busy and it’s likely that cleaning will be one of the last things to cross your mind. That’s why commercial cleaning exists, it relieves the stresses of the little things that help to make the bigger picture work. Your employees and customers will be able to go about their day-to-day in a clean and pleasant environment, whilst your scheduled cleaners take care of general housekeeping and maintenance.  

  • Reliability – investing in commercial cleaners means you will receive nothing but professional results. A keen eye that’s dedicated to providing optimal hygiene and cleanliness ratings means that you can always expect a spotless commercial space. This is much more reliable than asking your staff to clean up after doing their full-time jobs, as they’re likely to be too busy, they might be sick or on holiday. Having dedicated cleaners will keep your business looking tip-top all year round.   

  • Insurance – commercial cleaners will be insured to use top-of-the-range cleaning products and machinery. This is important to consider as it’s likely your staff will not covered by this insurance. 

  • Quality cleaning equipment – how many members of staff have the right cleaning equipment to deal with upholstery stains? Commercial cleaners will have all of the necessary equipment to get out the most stubborn of stains and to reach the most awkward of spaces. 

  • Knowledgeable cleaners – with years in the business, commercial cleaners have the knowledge to guarantee the right products are used on the right materials – to ensure practical solutions to dirty surfaces.

If you’d like to schedule in a professional and thorough commercial cleaning company to regularly maintain your commercial space – call on your local experts here at Easy Clean Nottingham. We have a wealth of experience within the industry and a long history of happy customers. We operate throughout Nottingham, City Center, Sherwood, Bestwood Village, Top Valley, Arnold, Woodthorpe, Daybrook, Carlton, Gedling, West Bridgford and many more – so if you’re nearby – get in touch

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