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Parameters for cleaning the office

Keeping your office clean on a regular basis is not an easy task, it’s kind of a part-time job. It seems difficult to keep up with it. It consumes some of your time. Professional office cleaners can solve this problem. Office cleaners can work on your mentioned timings and will be available when you want them. You can hire them for daily, weekly or on a monthly basis.

Professional cleaning services can help to improve the quality of your work place without wasting your time. Office cleaning services sets some parameters before cleaning the office.

1 Setting a budget for cleaning the office important concern.

2. Cleaning parameters includes marking up the checklist. A checklist for office cleaning must be done during the commercial cleaning to make sure all the task had been done.

3. Cleaning and disinfecting the office computers and keyboards. Most bacteria spread due to touching the keyboards so commercial cleaning must follow this parameter.

Cleaning washrooms and disinfecting them. Public restrooms are of great risk for spreading bacteria and viruses.

A clean office and environment is a basic characteristic of a modern and effective organisation. Cleanliness is very important to a company brand persona and client attraction. It also pay a key role in providing healthy environment to employees and their safety. It includes the whole office. Reception, office space, kitchens and specifically toilets.

Cleaning should include floor cleaning, vacuuming carpets, replacing bin bags, disinfect the doors and handles, bathroom cleaning, cafeteria and also car parking area. There are lot of benefits of keeping your work place clean. A single keyboard can carry around 7000 bacteria which can effect the health of employees. Unclean viruses like influenza can effectively spread if proper cleaning does not take place. Majorly 60% of employees catch bacteria from office like e-coli and staph bacteria.

Cleaning the office benefits the organisation by helping them in several different ways, A clean desk can lower the stress threshold and improve work effectiveness and improve in profitability of an organisation with providing healthy environment.

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